Muskoka Spiritualist Church


Spiritualism is a recognized religious movement, but has no fixed creed or dogma. It is a universal religion that recognizes such leaders as Buddha, Mohammed, Moses as well as Jesus. We consider them all as great healers and teachers.

The main difference between Spiritualism and other religions is that it is founded on the demonstrated proof that there is life after death and that there is a path of eternal progression for all mankind with an acceptance of responsibility for all one’s own actions.

Spiritual mediumship in no way involves fortune telling. The work of a medium is to prove the reality of survival after so called death and to pass on practical help and understanding when needed.

Spiritualist mediums are highly sensitive people who have developed their psychic awareness. They are able to communicate with those in the Spirit world that may still wish to communicate with us just as they would if they had moved to another part of the world.



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