Muskoka Spiritualist Church




Nov: 3 Bonnie Thew Lecture

           Th eresa Mason Medium

Nov: 10 Rev: Penny Brant Lecture & Medium

Nov: 17 Clendon Wooldridge Lecture

              Rev: Bonnie Thew Medium

Nov:  24 Cyndi Tryon  Lecture & Medium


Dec: 1st  Church Moves to Lions Hall 325 Fraserburg Road

Dec 1 st   Marie Paule Skettleburg Lecture & Medium

Dec 8th    Rev: John Larsen Lecture & Medium


Dec 15th    Christmas Dinner  doors open at 4:30 pm Dinner at 5pm


We are closed from  December 22 to January 5th 2020



We will be moving the church to 325 Fraserburg Road on Dec 1 2019

service will still be at 7pm and doors will be open by 6:30.

Our Christmas Dinner will be held at the new location on December 15 please join us, Santa, Songs, Good Food, Please add your name to the Christmas list during the services in November.

Dinner time doors open at 4:30 and dinner at 5pm




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